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Bos Gol The Sands Resort
What is Resort Boss: Golf?


Resort Boss: Golf is an up and coming golf resort management game where players will take on the task of managing their very own golf resort!

Golf Management?


Yes. Resort Boss: Golf centers around three main gameplay elements:



Players will have full control over build and expanding their golf courses. Placing tiles to determine the terrain, editing the elevation, planting trees and decoration pieces, and a variety of buildings to make your golf resort the finest in the land!


Balance budgets, close sponsorship deals, attract high profile VIP to your courses, keep your staff happy and employed, show your worth to the shareholders: All the tasks that go into golf management to help you become a true golf tycoon.


What good would it be to build the perfect golf course if you couldn’t play it? In Resort Boss: Golf, you can. Host competitions on your resort, visit other player’s golf resorts to play against them in their carefully designed courses, and share your creations and best runs on classic resorts as voted by the community!


Where can I play it?

Resort Boss: Golf is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux; with cross-platform multiplayer being planned to allow you to play with your friends no matter their machine of choice and show them who’s the real Golf Tycoon!

When will it be released?


Resort Boss: Golf is set to reach Early Access in February 15th! \

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